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Preparedness : General Studies - CSP 2024

The Test Series is a comprehensive package comprising total of 20 tests including 11 subject-wise tests, 04 tests on current affairs and 05 Full Tests covering entire syllabus of General Studies.

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Final Knock : CSP 2024 - Online Revision Course

The online course is a Crash Course for the Civil Services Prelimes 2024 for GS-1. While at the verge of countdown, candidates often fail to utilise their time and remain in a confused state about wrapping up of the syllabus.
The course is focused and revises your syllabus in a crisp, concise yet cognitive way. Lecture sessions follow an Online Test for revision. And, finally you will also get access to our Full Test Series.

  • Start Date : 15 Feb 2024
  • Number of Lectures : 15

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